After Pressure Washing Concrete How Long Do I Need to Wait Before Applying Stain

Applying a stain coating is something that we usually associate with wooden surfaces, but did you know that you can do it on concrete as well? While this is a decidedly uncommon practice, rarity does not mean that it is not a sensible or useful thing to do. Indeed, staining your concrete can make it look a lot nicer. Plenty of people feel truly depressed if all they are exposed to is the color grey, so if you count yourself among this category suffice it to say that concrete staining can help you keep such misery at bay for the most part.

pressure washing attachmentsNow that you know how much of an aesthetic boost concrete staining can give to your forever home, your logical though process would organically lead to you wanting to get started with it without delay. The thing is, you might want to at the very least consider pressure washing your concrete before you stain it. This will remove any debris or slick grease that would have made the stain peel off or appear bumpy.

Bear in mind that pressure washing will flood the sponge like concrete interior with a surprising amount of water, so you need to wait a while before applying the stain coating. The average post pressure cleaning drying period for concrete is around forty eight hours. Even if it looks dry, you should still give it time because there might still be some moisture left over that will come out later and take you by surprising. Staining is a very time consuming activity, so you ideally don’t want to have to do it more than once.

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