When Cleaning Carpet What’s The Best Way to Get Pet Feces Smell Out

If your pet pees on your rug, you might not feel all that badly about it since you know that cleaning it is a very easy thing to do all on your lonesome in some way, shape or form. That said, if your pet were to go so far as to defecate on your rug, suffice it to say that your anger and indignation would increase by several orders of magnitude. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the process of cleaning your rug after your pet has placed fecal matter on it will be a very harrowing thing for even the most stone hearted and courageous of men to go through.

self carpet cleaning tipsIt’s best to remember that this is only something you need to experience for a brief duration if you use the right techniques recommended by a carpet cleaning service. We would recommend that you wait for the feces to dry, since suffice it to say that trying to pick it up before it is dried up might lead to it getting smeared on the carpet in a truly disgusting way that would traumatize you.

Once the poop is dry, pick it up and throw it and then spray the residue with some vinegar and fabric softener that has been diluted in a lot of water. This is the best way to get that horrible pet feces smell out, and you can stop resenting your pet after this happens since there would be nothing to remind you of what they did so you will be able to go back to loving them.

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