IN STEREO – Death Before EMO

I had never heard of these guys before, but as soon as I picked up the EP and saw four punk kids, one of which was sporting a Ramones T-shirts, I knew that they were gonna be OK. I’m happy to report that some albums can be judged by their titles.

In Stereo kicks out 6 catchy pop songs that make you want to drive your car at unsafe speeds. These guys remind me a whole lot of The Gamits, one of my all-time favorite bands. Their songs are catchy, well written and fun enough to sing along to. I’d like to see them dive headfirst into the bubble-gum punk sound by adding some Beach Boys style background vocals, or perhaps a few handclaps here and there. Be sure to keep your eye on these guys because something tells me that their next release is going to blow the lid off all that other crap out continuing to stink up the pop punk genre.