As I popped this CD in, I didn’t really know what to expect. As far as I had heard, this band was a political techno/punk band. Comes to find out that what I heard was correct. The techno really isn’t too bad. It adds something extra to the otherwise bland music. The vocals on the other hand were just terrible. I swear this guy has something in his mouth as he is “singing” and I use this term loosely.

The “singing” is really just some guy talking with what sounds like food in his mouth while some people in the back ground sing some Woahs in the background. Occasionally you do get back up vocals by Justin Sane of Anti-Flag fame. This is not enough to save it I’m afraid. The lyrics are probably the highlight of this CD. I like the fact that they explain their lyrics. I have seen this done in both Anti-Flag and Propagandhi CD’s and I must say I enjoy the informative stories. I don’t really know why A-F Records decided to give this band a chance.

I’m assuming that their political messages agree with those of A-F Records. I can’t see this band being well liked by many. In addition, I’m not really sure how this kind of music would be represented live. I cannot imagine it being done very well.