Is It OK to Walk on Wet Carpet

It is among the frequently asked questions on many websites regarding the topic of carpet that is it okay to walk on wet carpet after cleaning and the answers might confuse you, so it is important to separate facts from fiction and answer the question which has confused many, if you have just got your carpet cleaned the experts would recommend a time window during which you cannot place the furniture on it and not even walk on it, but usually the service providers use heavy duty dryers which take out more than 90% of the water that is used in washing and then you just have to give it enough time to let it dry completely.

professional carpet cleaning near meIt is safe to walk barefoot or with socks on but avoid walking on freshly washed carpet with your shoes on because it will not only have dirt but it might leave a stain on it and all your money would go to waste, experts also recommend not letting pets walk on a damp carpet because they won’t be careful with it and we can’t expect them to and if they are irritated by the damp carpet they might scratch it and when you walk on a damp carpet you also run the risk of slipping, if the carpet is laid on slick surfaces like tile or hardwood then you should be extra careful.

It is better to hire a service provider which takes care of the drying process as well and you should ask them about the equipment and techniques they use for drying, carpet cleaning service Humble by the name of Vipertech carpet cleaning made it easy for me as they took out almost 100% of the water and carpet was dry within no time.

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