Jughead’s Revenge are one of those bands that most people are familiar with. The band has been around for a very long time now. Starting their career off on BYO Records and then later taking a move to Nitro Records. This is their latest effort entitled, “Pearly Gates.”

The CD is more of what we have come to expect from Jughead’s Revenge. The songs have gotten tighter and the vocals go down much easier then before. Gone are the Hardcore days of their BYO Records releases. Here are more of the melodic hooks and catchy choruses we’ve come to expect from their later albums.

The first song, “These Valley Streets” is a good opener. It is a fast paced song that really prepares you for what the album will sound like. The second song, “Lolita” is probably one of the worst Jughead’s Revenge songs ever. The song is just plagued by bad lyrics and boring music. Good thing this is only one song on the album. The next song might sound familiar if you have, “Short Songs for Short People” in your collection. They have added another verse to the song and made it longer. The song was very good on the Short for Short comp and now is much better here.

The two best songs on the CD are, “No Time” and “Anthem.” Both songs carry a very ballad feel to them. They are both songs that I could imagine the whole crowd singing along to. Another highlight would be the cover, “Just What I Needed.” This song has been done many times before, but the Jughead’s Revenge version for some reason just sounds the best to me.

This CD is probably their second best release. It could not reach the bar that was set by their previous record, “Just Joined.” Don’t let that take away from it though, this CD is definitely a nice addition to the Jughead’s Revenge catalog.