KEELHAUL – Subject To Change Without Notice

It was almost hard to pinpoint exactly how I felt about this band at first. They have this ripping metal sound, but also a math rock sound. The CD as a whole is really sick, I love how hard the riffs would seem to grind at my head. It’s amazing that these guys actually came out of the Midwest, Cleveland to be exact. There is no doubt of talent when it comes to them. It’s great when a band can reach down and rip your own intensity out to make you feel what the band is trying to communicate. Which is an empty loud sound of everything you love to hate.

The band has 2 previous releases, but Subject to Change seems to be of their best yet. The violence of this album just seeps out of just about every chord and vocal, but there is still a softness in there at various moments. I love the way it’s used, to bring the whole harshness down a couple of notches to give even more depth to the music. It’s an all around amazing CD, with many amazing tracks. My pick of the lot being number 6, “HMG.” It may only be a 1:45 long, but the longing reaching melodic rock sound brings in just a ground sound mixed with blinding ripping metal on the various other tracks. It’s a truly great must have for anyone with an emotional rollercoaster going on inside them.