What Are Image Extensions Google Ads?

Any ad that you want to put out there will have two crucial components to it, and there is a pretty good chance that both of these components would need to be balanced out before you can safely assert that you have done all that you can to optimize them. These two components are the text contained within the ad as well as some images. The purpose of text in your ads is to convey all of the details that you are trying to propagate to consumers, but images are important in their own right as well and we might even call them superior to text in some ways.

are social media ads effectiveThis is because of the fact that images are what will bring people to the ads so that they can actually read the text itself. You would have a really tough time getting anyone to read the underlying details of your ads if they don’t have some rich and complex imagery associated with them, and the truth of the situation is that by using an image extension Google Ads you can take this visibility to the next stage.

Image extensions allow you to upload visual elements to your ads without making them too heavy. Rich image files are notorious for being hard to work with, so it’s truly amazing that Google has such a wonderful extension. The fact of the matter is that this extension might be the very thing that allowed these ads to become so prominent in the industry, and you should take advantage of them by selecting a series of pictures or coming up with them yourself so that you can engage viewers and prospective customers too.

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