What Can I Put in My Pantry to Keep Bugs Away?

Nothing hurts more than getting your flour, rice and other pantry items wasted because of bugs. Since these bugs have very small eggs which they lay in pantry items, you might already have ingested a few of their eggs in your lifetime even without noticing them.

In addition to being extremely annoying, these bugs and pests can also reproduce quickly, making the situation even worse.

how much does a pest control service costAfter these bugs have infested your pantry, it is very difficult to get rid of them by extermination. Therefore, in addition to pantry pest removal techniques, you should also adopt precautionary measures to stop their infestation before it even happens.

Here are a few important techniques you can use to avoid pantry bug infestation.

Keep Everything Clean

Since the kitchen is one of the most used areas of your house, it is very easy to get your kitchen messy. small pieces of food might be spread all over the kitchen, and they are the best thing to attract these bugs. So, if you want to get rid of these bugs and pests, you should keep your kitchen perfectly clean.

Whenever something spills in your kitchen, you should not wait before cleaning it up. You can also use disinfecting sprays to get rid of these bugs completely, but soap and water will also work.

Every once in a while, pick up your electronic appliances from the kitchen and clean under them as well.

Inspect Your Food

If you open fresh bags of flour or rice, and find weevils or bugs in them, odds are that they were already present inside the bag. That is why you should always check your food items for these bags before even buying them.

This is how you can minimize pantry bug infestation in your house.

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